Chemical Bombs Confirmed in Libya

In this article, William outlines the discovery of chemical bombs in Libya and the events surrounding this discovery.  Leaders did not acknowledge existence of these weapons at first, but they have at this point.  Foreign inspectors may come later this week and remove these weapons due to the threat they pose to other countries.

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William McCastlain

On Sunday, Libyan Prime minister Mahmoud Jibril confirmed that there were chemical weapons in Libya.  He also said that Libya doesn’t want any weapons like these, so foreign inspectors were hired to come and deal with the issue later this week. Chemical weapons were located last week, but Jibril did not say anything about them until he confirmed their existence yesterday.

This article did come from a biased site: Fox News.  However, I do not think any bias is applicable because this is concerning weapons in Libya and not a political scandal.

I think Libya having chemical weapons is very dangerous because they just got out of a revolution in which the United Nations helped the rebels. If they wanted to, Libya could have used one of the weapons against the United States or another member of the UN. I think the foreign inspectors should rid Libya of all deadly weapons, such as the chemical bombs, until they might actually need them, which may not even happen.







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8 responses to “Chemical Bombs Confirmed in Libya

  1. It’s hard to imagine that Gaddafi had these missiles the whole time he was fighting the Libyan rebels. It’s a good thing that Gaddafi didn’t use these, or a lot of people could have died.

  2. I think you’re right, Dylan, the thought that Gaddafi had the weapons the whole time is very scary. I believe that weapons like this shouldn’t exist. No country ever needs to use a weapon like this no matter what the circumstances are, because these weapons are not for peace, they are for war. Such destruction as weapons like this could bring would never be able to create peace, so they should just be destroyed.

  3. This is very dangerous. The Libyan nation has all these reasons to use the bomb against us and i wouldn’t expect to give it up without a fight. I think that this is going huge uproar between countries. Hopefully they would just destroy it.

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  6. This sounds like a very dangerous situation. I am really surprised that they still have used the bombs yet, even though Qaddafi has had them for so long.

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